Amaryllis flower meaning, origins, and other interesting facts

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Amaryllis is a beautiful flower that has several meanings. Its name is confused with the genus of Hippeastrum. Although they are similar and belong to the same family, they are not the same. Amaryllis also look similar to lilies, but they only are distant relatives. Some people may argue, that amaryllis is much more beautiful than Lillies. There are two species found in Central America and South Africa. In this article, we are going to find out the amaryllis meaning. We will also take a look at the origins, and other interesting facts about this beautiful flower.

Amaryllis meaning

This flower can grow up to 20 inches tall. No wonder why it caught the attention of European gardeners in the 19th century. During the Victorian Era, they were a symbol of pride. In those times, pride was a positive thing, and if someone called you proud, you should have accepted that as a compliment. Victorians considered amaryllis as a symbol of a strong, beautiful, and confident woman.

The name of Amaryllis comes from Virgil’s ‘Eclogues’. In his epic poem, Virgil described a nymph named ‘amarysso’, meaning ‘to sparkle’. According to the myth, Amaryllis was in love with a gardener named Alteo. She stood at his door every night and pierced her heart with a golden arrow. So, in ancient times, amaryllis was a symbol of the nymph’s blood.

Red amaryllis
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Red amaryllis meaning is love and beauty. In China, it’s also a symbol of luck. Orange amaryllis represents good health and happiness. Purple Amaryllis symbolizes royalty, while white means femininity and innocence. Another white amaryllis meaning is a mourning of a loved one, so they are perfect for decorating tombs. Yellow is a symbol of luck and happiness.

Amaryllis meaning in different colors

Red amaryllis has an intense color and you can be easily confused with other similar species such as lilies. This type of amaryllis is native to Central America, especially Argentina and Brazil. You can reproduce these flowers from their bulbs or seeds. This color represents love and luck.

Orange amaryllis has bright and very beautiful flowers. It gives a place a nice atmosphere. You should keep orange amaryllis in a cool and humid place. Use fertilizers and water them twice a week so that the stem and the flowers do not wilt early. Orange amaryllis represents happiness.

Pink amaryllis has a beautiful, although not very intense tone. This color is native to South Africa. It’s ideal for reproduction, so you should definitely plant them. The pink color will give harmony to your. Pink amaryllis blooms in autumn and summer.

White double amaryllis
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White amaryllis is one of the most beautiful of all. It represents purity and we can find it often as a decoration element in interiors. The breeding season of white amaryllis if autumn and spring. They bloom for about 4 to 6 weeks. These flowers are easy to plant, but you will have to take proper care if you wish them to last longer.

Amaryllis characteristics

Amaryllis is the only genus in its subtribe Amaryllidinae. There are two species of amaryllis. The first one A.Belladonna is native to South Africa, and people often confuse it with another species of the genus Hippeastrum Hybridum. H.Hybridum has about 80 species that are native to tropical regions of South America, more specifically Brazil, Peru, and Mexico. The confusion of these two occurs because their flowers are very similar.

People also call amaryllis as belladonna lily, Jersey lily, Amarillo, and March lily (because they bloom in March). And the names of lilies occur because of amaryllis’ similar appearance to lily. But they are only distant relatives and don’t have anything in common.

Orange amaryllis meaning
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Amaryllis can live up to 10 years and its flowers can reach 8 inches in diameter. It also comes in a variety of colors such as white, pink, coral, deep red, gradient and mixed. It has a long and strong stem. The leaves of amaryllis measure from 11 to 23 inches, and it usually blooms from October to December. Amaryllis grows from a bulb, and each plant produces from 2 to 5 flowers. They bloom for about six weeks. Interesting fact, that an amaryllis bulb can survive up to 75 years! Carpenter bees love amaryllis flowers. Also, if you want to see moths at night – plant amaryllis.

Uses of an amaryllis flower

Amaryllis is a very popular cut flower. Although they prefer gardens or wild environments, you can also grow them in pots. To do this, you must use good soil and place amaryllis where they receive a lot of sunlight and clean air. Amaryllis likes sun and warm climates. Also, they require proper amounts of watering. You will have to water them at least 2 times a week. Never leave the soil completely dry.

Pink amaryllis
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Amaryllis are beautiful flowers with a variety of colors. They are excellent decorations of courtyards and interiors. So you can either plant them in your garden or use it as a cut flower to decorate your room. If you are giving them as a gift, make sure to look at the amaryllis meanings. You don’t want to send an inappropriate message to someone you love.

Amaryllis perfectly adapts to the indoor spaces and if properly maintained, can live for several years. After the blooming ends, you should gently remove the withered flowers with a knife. You should also know that bulbs of amaryllis are toxic to humans and animals. So make sure your four-legged friend isn’t digging them up after you plant them in the soil.

If you bought or received a cut amaryllis flower, we suggest putting it in a large vase. The vase should be large enough so that when all the buds open, the flowers do not collide with each other. When the flowers bloom, you should place them in a cooler place with a medium to low lighting. Cut amaryllis doesn’t need much light. But you must pay attention to the water level in the vase, as amaryllis are very thirsty. They require more water than other cut flowers. So, make sure that there’s always enough water in the vase, or else the flowers will vanish.

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