Gardenia flower meaning. Discover the origins and symbols of this flower

White flowers
White gardenia

Since ancient times, flowers were an important element in many areas. People used them for medicinal, spiritual, and other purposes. Nowadays, we adore them even more. We plant them in our gardens, we give flower bouquets to people we love. Every flower has its history and symbolism. Today we are going to look at gardenia flower meaning and origins. It is one of the most beautiful and aromatic flowers.

Gardenia flower meaning

Gorgeous beautiful white gardenia's bloom
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Throughout history, gardenias symbolized purity and sweetness. Of course, we relate gardenias with these images due to their sweet and pleasant aroma. Together with the white color, the scent of gardenias makes them beautiful flowers to enjoy for anyone. I doubt if there’s any person who could hate this magnificent flower.

Gardenia flower meaning of purity is also related to their clearing properties. Some people even believe that they purify the bad energies around. So, this is one of the main reasons why gardenias symbolize goodwill, harmony, and purity. It is an often ingredient used in aromatic baths, as it purifies the water.

Gardenia flower meaning
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People also store gardenia petals in small linen bags. This serves as a natural fragrance as well as an amulet that brings love and peace to the home. So, if you want to bring more harmony and love to your home – a gardenia is a perfect choice.

Due to the gardenia’s clearing and purifying properties, it is also a symbol of healing. Very often we can find this flower in hospitals or in a room of someone who’s sick. Gardenia not only purifies the energy, but it also brings positive vibes and optimism. Which a patient so needs so much.

White gardenia flower meaning

Beautiful white flower
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Of all the 140 species of gardenias, the white one is the one that holds the main symbolism. White gardenia symbolizes purity and harmony. This image came from the fact that white color is the purest of all the colors. It unites all the others and brings peace and harmony to the people and the environment.

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We can also find the meaning of white gardenia in our dreams. If you see a white gardenia in a dream it may also mean that you have problems or worry about something. It can also signify the unrealistic illusions or goals of a dreaming person. People say that white gardenia in a dream means that you will not be able to achieve your goals. Or that you idealize them too much. But if you dream a beautiful garden of white gardenias, it may symbolize sadness.

Blooming in garden
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Red gardenia meaning

During Victorian times giving red gardenias was a sign of a secret love. Those times were full of taboos. For example, sexual pleasure or open romance was not the things you could express freely. People used to judge others for things like expressing love and passion. So, the flowers played an important role among lovers.

Even until today people often give red gardenias as a silent declaration of love. So, giving red gardenias to someone means that you want to send them the most sincere emotions. Give them if you want to express your love, admiration or respect.

Gardenias in different cultures

Gardenias in a bottle
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Gardenia flowers are native to subtropical regions of Asia and Africa. But it’s especially appreciated in China, where it’s a symbol of femininity and art. The beauty of Chinese gardenias inspired lots of artworks. A novel ‘White Gardenia‘ written by Belinda Alexandra describes the story of a strong love of mother and daughter. The immense love comes from the positive energy from the gardenia flower.

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According to the Hebrew Kabbalah, gardenias are the flowers that attract the most love. It is said that were gardenias grow, there is always plenty of good things and never sorrow or bitterness.

Ancient Celts believed that gardenias emanate special vibrations that protect against curses and negative energies. They also believed that the scent of gardenias guides the good spirits. So, they used these flowers in their ceremonies to call their ancestors for help and guidance.

Gardenia flower for a wedding bouquet
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Characteristics of the flower

Gardenias are the flowers with very bright colored green leaves. They were named after an American naturalist Dr. Alexander Garden. They are native to Asia but we can find them in almost all subtropical regions. According to historic evidence, the cultivation of gardenias in China dates back to 960-1279AD. The artists of that time depicted gardenias in their paintings. In later dynasties, we can find gardenias pictured on porcelain. Gardenias first appeared on the English gardens only in the mid-18th century.

Beautiful white gardenia flower
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With more than 140 species, there are lots of different types of gardenias. They differ not only in size or color but in the smell too. One of the main factors while growing gardenias is the proper humidity of the soil which must be plentiful.

The strong scent of gardenia makes it a perfect flower to put it into a vase at home. Wherever you’ll put them, you will feel a pleasant and strong aroma of this flower. Due to the fantastic scent, gardenias are also a common flower in the perfume industry. We can also find them the food industry and in traditional Chinese medicine.

Precious gardenias in the garden
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